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Professional Services
Typesetting, Proofreading, Artwork and Domain services may be purchased below.

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Typesetting services include the design and creation of custom business forms, invoices, superbills, statements, fliers, brochures and other such custom printed documents. Proofs are provided online and viewable from any location with internet access. Final layout provided in .eps lineart format, with additional .pdf and hi-res .tif files enclosed.


Proofreading services involve the reading of textual publications and review of art for errors. Publications can be as small as business cards, and most certainly include text rich documents such as brochures, forms, resumes, articles and even websites. Art includes graphic artwork of all types, from simple logos to name brands with mottos or tag lines. Proofreading services are available for publications designed for English speaking audiences in the United States of America.

Proofreading services are available for publications and art provided by other printers, publishers, advertisers, government agencies, non-profit organizations, law firms, commercial enterprises, retail stores, medical/pharmaceutical companies, insurance agencies and professionals.

Publications and art that is proofread may be in electronic/digital format or paper/hardcopy format.

A summary of errors and possible corrective measure(s) in simple, easy to understand layman terms (no archaic format) is provided for proofreading purchases.


Artwork services for anything from file creation and file conversion, to minor artwork alterations and complex custom artwork creation involving graphic design or ad/banner advertisements. Proofs are provided online and viewable from any location with internet access. Final artwork provided in .eps lineart format, with additional .pdf and hi-res .tif files enclosed (including .gif, .jpg and .png format for ads/banners.)

File Creation - have your hardcopy artwork created into an electronic file.
Example: you only have your logo on paper or as a cardboard sign and want to have it digitized and saved into a specific file format, such as a .pdf or .jpg image.


File Conversion - have your file converted from one format into another.
Example: .cdr format into .png format.


Minor Touch Up - artwork that involves minor changes to existing art.
Example 1: you have an existing logo and want to have the color changed from red to green.
Example 2: a letter, word or numeral needs to be changed on an existing logo or brand.


Graphic Design - creation of new art, involving a unique design, logo or brand for business or pleasure.


Ad/Banners - a mini-advertisement displayed on websites.


Domains are names that are used to establish a unique internet identity.
Domains help internet users find you and reach you easily by computer, smart phone and other internet-connected devices. Domains that describe a general industry or market are known as generic domain names. Great generic domain names have come to benefit both fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike. Domains have helped companies and people just like you discover their unique online identity and soar to greatness. BorderXPress.globalSM has a variety of domains for sale.

Domains include exclusive ownership of the domain name. Any current domain content, including website, trademarks, service marks, patents, code, intellectual property, and artwork are excluded. Complimentary
transfer ownership services are provided with each domain purchase.

Terms: Cash sale with cashier's check, major credit card, PayPal or cryptocurrency for the amount listed below in US Dollars.

BorderXPress.globalSM domains available for sale, but not listed below, may be purchased directly on that specific website. Thank you.)

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